With sciatic pain, he couldn’t even tie his shoes. How this professional pickleball player got back into the game


When Scott Trevethan isn’t working, you can usually find him on the golf course or competing in professional pickleball. Until about a year ago, that is, when he was suddenly sidelined due to excruciating pain.

“I had sciatic numbness and sharp pain down the sides of my legs and incredible pain in my back,” he said. “It got to the point where I couldn’t even tie my own shoes anymore and that’s when I knew I had to do something.”

He met with a nutritionist and a chiropractor, but they were unable to find a solution to Scott’s symptoms and pain.

A new game plan

Trevethan’s journey through the Hartford HealthCare system began in physical medicine and rehabilitation. He made an appointment with Dr. Subramani Seetharama, Chief of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Medical Director at Central Connecticut Spine Center Hospital.

Together with Dr. Seetharma, Trevethan underwent a full evaluation, including a physical exam and imaging. It wasn’t long before Seetharama determined that Trevethan had two herniated discs and recommended spinal injections and physical therapy for Scott.

Eating uncomfortable

After the injections, Trevethan began physical therapy at Hartford HealthCare’s Bone & Joint Institute. He worked closely with Sports Medicine Program Manager Stefanie Bourassa to improve his athletic movement, overall strength, flexibility, mobility and agility.

“Within four visits, his pain was gone and the focus was on restoring his athletic ability,” Bourassa said. “It wasn’t long before he was playing pickleball and competitive tennis again and was able to transition his care to a routine at home.”

Trevethan Team

Scott is grateful to the team of health experts who got him to this point: “Not only am I pain free, but I’m back to the fitness and weight I was back in. university,” he said. “I went from sick and broken – to better than before.”


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