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This year’s snowfall has been less than optimal for the winter athlete. But with more and more people looking for ways to have fun outdoors, even on a freezing cold day, you wouldn’t know it.

As COVID-19 restricts indoor activities and forces people to go outside, Casperites has occupied local outdoor stores. With high demand for equipment like Nordic skis and snowshoes and a supply chain disrupted by the pandemic, some companies are running out of stock.

Tyler Patik, director of Zeelo’s Cranks and Planks, said demand for ski equipment has been so high this year that there are no more ski boot sizes. They are also running out of some popular pole models and cross-country skis. And once they’re out of stock, that’s it.

“Last year it would have been understandable because we had so much snow,” said Patik. “But this year people just want to go out and do something, so they’re ready to go out when it’s not that much snow.”

At the Mountain Sports rental store in Hogadon, Sydney Hamracek said they often run out of goggles to rent from people on the mountain. On weekends most of their rental fleet is used up and the three store workers are criticized for hours even limiting the number of people inside.

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Patik said their demand for winter sports equipment is about a month or two higher than a typical year. Even after the peak around Christmas, when families rent or buy equipment during the holidays, businesses have said they are still busy.

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