Sanlitun Street Fashions: Put your dukes in place …


Sanlitun Street Fashion is a recurring column on the Pekingese showcasing the hottest topics to hit Taikoo Li and the surrounding area, captured by the neighborhood’s ubiquitous street fashion photographers.

With his admirers found in places as esteemed as the White House, Daisy Duke’s popularity continues to soar as the eponymous shorts worn by the Dukes of Danger character have found a new home in Beijing’s fashion hotspot, Sanlitun.

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While we found miniskirts to be the big trend at the start of the month, cropped denim shorts are by far the main theme around Taikoo Li this time around, sometimes just dressed in a t-shirt and sandals:

Other times, the Daisy Dukes are paired with another rising trend this season, the off-the-shoulder cut:

You don’t need anything other than the bare essentials, but denim shorts are often paired with leather jackets or blazers:

Since denim and off-the-shoulder are all the rage now, it makes sense that the two come together in this daring ensemble, which reinvents denim overalls with a much higher waist:

Bare shoulders are also in the spotlight in the designs of floral dresses this spring:

When used as a dress color, black is wispy and light:

Also taking inspiration from the windy weather, this season’s tapered pants with wide bottom:

Denim shorts aren’t the only daring fad, as camisole tank tops are also getting noticed in Sanlitun:

And, as always, the “pantless” look has its followers:

Here are some more notable fashion looks of the week on the streets of Sanlitun:

And when friends get together and go out in Sanlitun, the result is an assemblage of styles:

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