Online direct lender payday loans -Direct payday loans: cash within the hour

Direct payday loans: cash transfer within the hour

Fast loans without a paycheck, how to get them

If you need a direct payday loan and you don’t know how to do it, maybe because it is the first time that you try to apply for this loan on the internet, keep reading this guide, because we will give you some advice to get immediate funding, in a short time, with credit even within the hour.

The secret is to provide adequate guarantees to banks and financial companies. In this way, the other party will be more relaxed and will be able to grant the loan in less time.

We know well, however, that for self-employed workers and, in general, for those who work but do not have a paycheck, it is difficult to be able to provide such peace of mind, it is difficult to obtain the right guarantees.

How to do then? What documents should I present?

First of all, it could help an external guarantor or a third person who agrees to repay the loan in case the principal debtor fails.

Of course, the acceptance of the guarantor is subordinated to having sufficient personal guarantees, in the sense of “first-person”, and they must be considered as a plus.

It also helps a lot to provide evidence that your business is doing well. This can only be seen in the presentation of the financial statements and tax returns.

These documents are in fact fundamental in obtaining any loan without an envelope.

To get an answer quickly it is equally important to demonstrate that you are not registered in the register of bad payers, nor in that of the protested. If you don’t have an immaculate credit history, you may need more financial control, which means less waiting.

How to get a fast loan without online paycheck: the form

How to get a fast loan without online paycheck: the form

The first thing to do is to make a request for an online quote by filling out a form that is usually found on the home pages of each banking institution.

The necessary information is:

  • the amount you need;
  • income information;
  • name and surname, as well as few other personal data

After completing the form, a financial advisor will evaluate the request and, usually in a short time if there are no problems, will decide whether to grant the loan or not.

Fast loan without paycheck: where to apply for it

We suggest you this link where you can request safely and without problems.

Alternatives may be Astro Finance and Best bank, two financial agencies that, given the size, focus more on employees and retirees.

We also invite you to read our page on fast loans online, where we provide tips and advice in general on this quick loan.

Types of fast loans without paycheck: online loan and fast loan

Types of fast <a href=loans without paycheck: online loan and fast loan” />

When we talk about fast loans without a paycheck, we mean two things at once:

  • an online loan, because the request on the internet is much faster than the traditional one, which ensures quick waiting times;
  • a fast loan, which by definition requires little time and allows the speedy receipt of the sum of money.

It is easy to understand how this financing meets the needs of those looking for money in a short time.

Requirements and guarantees to have a fast loan without the envelope

Sometimes it may be necessary to provide the financial or a bank with a guarantee other than that of the tax return. In this case, it may be necessary to provide:

  • a property on which to affix a mortgage;
  • a movable asset of equal value with respect to the capital disbursed;
  • a monthly credit to the current account, linked to a job;
  • financial securities that are easily sold by the bank in the event of insolvency;
  • a guarantor