New platform for cards and collectibles fetches $6 million from investors including OBJ and Kyler Murray


A new online trading and storage platform for sports cards and other collectible durable goods has announced an influx of $6 million investors, including two current professional athletes.

Myna Swap, which is in the final stages of development, has received funding from strategic investors including Blizzard the Avalanche Fund, Citizen X, Polygon Studios, Madison Paige Ventures, AAF Management, Spartan Capital, Wave Financial, BluePointe Capital , Eileses Capital and NFL players Odell Beckham Jr. and Kyler Murray.

With the new capital, Myna Swap says it will “hire key talent, expand into other collectible verticals, and scale its infrastructure globally.” It is expected to go live later this year.

The company is currently working on building its Myna platform, a digital marketplace for physical goods that will be built on the Avalanche blockchain.

MynaSwap says it will “allow users to trade in real time with other collectors around the world without having to deal with the logistics of physical assets.”

Myna Swap allows collectors to convert their physical products into digital “twins”. The tokenized assets can then be bought and sold, without the physical object changing hands each time.

Users send in their physical items and Myna Swap will then authenticate and insure the cards or other collectibles. They are then stored in a secure storage facility operated by in-person auditors and minted as a digital counterpart. Collectors can then trade or sell their tokenized digital assets in real time on the Myna Swap platform and can choose to receive custody of the physical product at any time. Myna Swap claims that the platform enables “real-time trading and instant trade settlement”.

“We pride ourselves on embracing the most innovative rare collectibles technologies and practices,” said Adeel Shams, CEO and Co-Founder of Myna Swap. Our mission is to connect people with their favorite things, across the world, and our new platform unlocks untapped potential in the Web3 marketplace for collectors.

Shams is the founder of CoolKicks, a Los Angeles-based sneaker company.

The Myna platform will include social profiles and sharing features that will allow collectors to discover other objects in the same field.

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