Jackie Robinson Collectibles in Demand Ahead of 75th Anniversary of Color Barrier Breaking


Friday’s 75th anniversary of Jackie Robinson’s color barrier breaking is sure to boost the collection of Brooklyn Dodgers greats, but the truth is Robinson’s collectibles have skyrocketed in value over the past few years. last years.

A ticket for Robinson’s Crossing the Barrier sold last month for $480,000, an all-time high paid for a ticket. A debut ticket in better condition sold for $40,800 just a year prior.

The value of Robinson’s 1948 Leaf rookie card today in a PSA 8 is worth about ten times what it was five years ago. A collector could have bought one for $40,000 in 2017. Today, you can’t have one for less than $400,000.

“Along with a lot of other big players, you see some of their items come back over and over again in auctions,” said Leighton Sheldon, owner of Just Collect and one of the nation’s biggest buyers and sellers of vintage cards. . “What you notice about Jackie’s items is that once they’re bought at auction, you never see them again. And that gives me even more confidence to invest more in him.

Getty Images. Pictured: Jackie Robinson signs autographs before the start of a match.

Collector Jason Koonce, who said he has more than 200 1948 Jackie Leafs, said he recently turned down an offer of more than $4.8 million for one of seven cards PSA rated as a 9.

“Ten years ago this card was a $100,000 card,” Koonce said.

Although some of Jackie’s pieces have received a huge amount of money in the past – a jersey worn by the 1947 rookie game sold in 2017 for $2.05 million and a questionnaire he filled out in 1946 sold the last month for $1.68 million – Koonce argues Robinson’s items could still be undervalued.

“The color barrier is much bigger than baseball,” Koonce said. “It’s a cultural event. So when you invest in Jackie, you’re not investing in baseball, you’re getting a piece of history.

To capitalize on the anniversary, Goldin Auctions put Jackie Robinson items in its ongoing auction, including a 1951 Brooklyn Dodgers home jersey with a minimum bid of $2 million; a Robinson bat used in the 1949 All-Star Game at Ebbets Field; and the plaque Robinson received when he was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1962.

Top 10 Most Expensive Jackie Robinson Items

1 — Jersey worn by the 1947 game, $2.05M, Nov. 2017, Heritage

2– 1946 Signed questionnaire, $1.68 million, February 2022, Heritage

3 – 1952 Topps PSA 9, $960,000, May 2021, Goldin

4 – Game-Used Cap with Metal Plates, $590,994, October 2017, Lelands

5 – Jackie Robinson Debut Ticket, $480,000, February 2022, Heritage

6 – Jackie Robinson Game Used Bat, $478,000, August 2016, Heritage

7 – Jackie Robinson 1948 PSA Sheet 8, $468,000, February 2022, Legacy

8 – Jackie Robinson 1948 Leaf PSA 8, $444,000, November 2021, Heritage

9 – Glove used for Jackie Robinson World Series game, $373,000, June 2013, Steiner Sports

10 – Jackie Robinson 1948 Leaf PSA 8, $372,000, Aug 2021, Legacy


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