In the drops: Rapha indoor kit, OOFOS recovery shoes, Sealskinz socks and Maaree sports bra


It’s fun day Friday and that means another roundup of all the gear and must-see events in the wonderful world of cycling.

This week has been a storm at Cyclist. We’ve covered the launch of the newest endurance bikes on the market, including Cannondale’s new Synapse with updated long-distance geometry and Canyon’s updates to its Endurace AL and CF models.

In the continued quest for lightweight bikes, Brompton has unveiled its lightest ever folding bike, the T Line, with buyers entering the voting system to try and get their hands on one.

We also have the ultimate guide to WorldTour 2022 team kits.

In the political world, France announced that all athletes must be vaccinated to compete in France. Hopefully there will be no Djokovic-style sagas in the 2022 Tour de France.

Finally, if you need inspiration for an epic challenge, check out the All points north documentary. Little sleep, lots of miles and lots of climbing. What’s not to like?

Ok, it’s time to step up a gear.

Rapha Interior Kit

Hitting the turbo, you might be using Wahoo SYSTM or exploring Watopia on Zwift, while no doubt listening to Cyclist’s latest turbo playlist, either way you’re probably sweating buckets.

The indoor workout sweat party can conjure up a conundrum of finding the right clothes. Rapha’s selection of interior kits includes real sweat-wicking winners. Here is my selection of them.

The brand’s indoor training t-shirt is above all a technical t-shirt with clever armholes cut for a position on the bike.

Lightweight and breathable, it features high-stretch side panels and is made from “gradient tricot” polyester for quick wicking, helping you stay cool and focused on the ride.

And let’s be serious, no workout kit is complete without a pair of shiny socks.

The Rapha Core Cargo Shorts are also great indoor gear. Since they have no straps, less material means less heat, which equals a happy turbo session.

Made from dense mesh fabric, the shorts are cut in the front for a comfortable position on the bike and have laser-cut grippers that hold the shorts securely in place.

The best thing about the shorts are the two mesh pockets on the legs.

Instead of worrying about dropping something while pedaling furiously and having to do the precarious tilt while you’re on turbo, hit your phone, gels, headphones and whatever else is in those pockets. .

OOFOS Recovery Shoes

Ever got off the bike and felt like your feet were ready to lay down? This is where OOFOS comes in.

According to the brand, its OOFOAM technology absorbs 37% more impact than traditional shoes and is designed to reduce stress on knees, ankles and other joints.

The sockliner cradles and supports the arches to reduce energy effort in the ankles by up to 47% compared to competitors’ shoes. Less stress, faster recovery.

The options are many. For those who love sandals, the OOAHH slide sandal offers incredible comfort after a long hike and keeps your toes free.

If you prefer a covered shoe, the OOMG EEZEE low shoe might be just what you need.

Using the same patented OOFOS footbed, the shoe is made with a unique 4-way stretch woven canvas-like material that hugs the entire foot.

Are your feet going ‘oohh ahhh’?

Sealskinz Mid-Length All Season Waterproof Socks with Hydrostop

These Sealskinz socks are a great addition to any rider’s wardrobe, whether protecting themselves from road spray or running through puddles on the trails.

Overshoes can also be useful, but in my opinion, nothing beats a pair of waterproof socks to ensure dry feet.

British clothing brand Sealskinz made a name for themselves after launching a waterproof sock in 1998, and the technology just keeps getting better.

Mid Length All Season Waterproof Socks with Hydrostop are 100% waterproof, breathable and have the added benefit of a hydrostop barrier.

The Hydrostop technology creates a barrier between the skin and the sock which the brand says helps prevent water from entering through the top of the sock.

Essentially, having soggy feet doesn’t have to be a thing anymore. Additionally, the socks have a merino wool interior for warmth and moisture-wicking, and a durable nylon-blend exterior with four-way stretch for a secure fit.

To top it off, the socks are handmade in the UK.

Maaree Solidarity Impact Sports Bra

What size am I? What support will it actually provide? Will the bra be comfortable?

Buying a sports bra isn’t as easy as it should be, however, Maaree is on a mission to change that.

One of the main features of Maaree is that the brand offers a free bra fitting service, which I think is a complete game changer.

It’s quick and easy, and especially useful for explaining the confusing world of women’s bra sizes.

The brand’s Solidarity bra is quickly becoming a staple in my wardrobe.

As a high impact bra, it offers great support, evenly distributed pressure and has multiple adjustable straps so you can get it just right.

Maaree also offers the Empower Sports Bra which is for those looking for medium impact.

To top it off, Maaree’s bras come with a reminder from the charity CoppaFeel to encourage people to check their breasts as it could save their lives.

What I’m doing this week: The order of time by Carlo Rovelli

Bamboozling is how I would describe this book.

This blew my mind as I walked completely the wrong way on the London Underground as I thought about what I had just read.

Written by Carlo Rovelli, an Italian theoretical physicist, The Order of Time is thought-provoking, captivating and, dare I say, a real page turner.

Rovelli explains the concepts of time in an easily digestible way and raises questions about our experience of time, past, present and future.

I’m not going to spoil this, but let’s just say that taking time to reflect — and reflecting on time — is how I’m going to spend my time.


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