“Despite being 7’2, Wilt Chamberlain only wore size 15 shoes!” : Lakers legend may have been a Harlem Globe Trotter, but Shaquille O’Neal had feet 7 shoe sizes taller than him


Wilt Chamberlain was superhuman in almost every way – his only “Achilles’ heel” was his shoe size.

Standing at 7’2 and holding a ball in each hand, Wilt Chamberlain was not one to count. He could easily dive on another guy without even breaking a yawn and could do so throughout the game. Many tried to stop him, but could barely slow him down.

There’s no in-game stat that doesn’t have Wilt’s name somewhere high on the list. However, the one stat many players could beat him with was his shoe size. For someone as impressive as Wilt Chamberlain, his foot size was only 15. Only 15 seems like a laughable question in the ordinary world, but among giants he was average.

The league average is 14.5, which means The Stilt hovers around average. There is no other stat in this world other than his abysmal free throw record, that Wilt falls so far behind. Maybe it was God’s way of saying he had to reduce something to make it more human.

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Huge feet aren’t uncommon among NBA players – Wilt Chamberlain falls just short of average

Shaquille O’Neal, a monster in his own right and the same size as Wilt, wears 7 sizes larger than him. 7 – which is closer to the average female height. Growing up in Philadelphia, Boyd’s clothes for big men must have brought him a lot of business.

Many centers in the league are much taller than him – even if they are shorter than him. Will show that the human body does not follow a typical ratio of proportions. Ask Kevin Durant, whose legs look like two hockey sticks glued to his body.

The smallest feet in the NBA belong to Earl Boykins, who wore a paltry 9.5 – tiny compared to the league average. That didn’t stop him from playing the way he did, with his heart exceeding the size of his foot.

Wilt Chamberlain didn’t lose any sleep over his shoe size – his shoe size was big enough for women (if you understand the drift).

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