Clean those nails, guys. Nordstrom wants to sell you Lady shoes


Call the ghost of Joan Rivers. We need the fashion police.

Department store giant Nordstrom is trying to sell women’s shoes to men, and they’re literally the ugliest things you can put near your feet.

Imagine the surprise my friend’s mother felt when she found these shoes while looking for something new for her husband. These weren’t quite the summer sandals she hoped her hubs would sport.

Before I go into detail, let me say that I don’t care what clothes you choose to wear. Hardly anyone does, except maybe your mom on a Sunday. But it’s almost like trolling to advertise some of the ugliest sandals on the planet to men who would rather wear women’s shoes.


Apparently the BP Be Proud Fenix ​​Slide Sandal is gender inclusive, but the size says it all. The sandal runs large for women, so we recommend buying a half size smaller. For men, the sandal is the right size…because it’s a man’s shoe. It’s not “gender inclusive” at all, not that anyone of any pronoun or anything should wear this fashion faux pas.

Part of me thinks the designer must hate transgender biological men for creating something so awful. The most abusive thing about these sandals? Colors.

They come in shiny silver or shimmery rainbow. This only begs one question: literally why? (RELATED: Kamala and Biden continue their war on American women and children)

A quick search of Nordstrom’s other “inclusive” shoes turned out to be mostly real or counterfeit Converse and various other Rainbow Nightmares of Virtue. The other items the designer sold were actually quite cute and very modern. Maybe they were really drunk when they created these sandals?

Nothing make sense anymore.

Like I said, nobody cares how you dress. If someone is going to judge you for your clothes, that’s not the kind of person you need in your life. The only issues most women have with men wearing our clothes are (a) you stretch them, (b) you wear them while competing in our sports, and (c) you don’t have to dress like a Barbie prostitute or a porn star. Make a statement.

Of course, none of the above applies to men who wear crocs and those who keep their hats on during meals. None of these mode choices are protected, and you all deserve jail time for such behavior. Go wild.


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