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Who could replace Les Grobstein? In life, nobody. On the air, maybe also nobody.

“I don’t know if anyone else could do this,” said former and occasional 670 The Score host Chris Rongey on the first nightly show since Les Grobstein’s death at the age of 69. Sunday. “I’m not sure he’s replaceable. You can ask a younger person to do it and they might be really good. Someone who is hungry and wants to work all night. Or someone who just likes to be up all night. But that will never be what it was, what his show was.

So the question is who should replace Les Grobstein? Or, I guess, who would? The night shift is not for everyone. It’s hardly for everyone. Let’s be honest, it was really fair to the Grobber.

“No one can replace the legend,” 670 The Score COO Mitch Rosen emailed me.

As you could tell from the outpouring of affection over the past few days, Grobstein was more than just a trivia savant tossing Beavis & Butthead drops at 3:30 a.m. He was loved in this city and will be missed by his family, colleagues, peers and listeners. To verify Mark Grote’s One Night Special in Honor of Les or Bruce Levine sincere praise to his close friend.

Michael Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser honored him on their long-running ESPN show, Pardon The Interruption.


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