Adidas releases pair of Waffle House-themed golf shoes


We live in incredible times.

Sure, the world is far from perfect and things seem to be getting worse day by day, but it’s important to find something in the world that is worthwhile. For today, this could be an ingenious collaboration between Adidas and Waffle House that many of us didn’t know we wanted until now.

For this week’s Masters Tournament, Adidas is releasing a pair of Tour360 22 X Waffle Maker golf shoes. These shoes have a brown and white design that looks like waffle batter in a waffle pattern and the sole looks like syrup spilling over the shoe.

This design is a great mix of Adidas trying something unique and different while keeping the design conventional enough that it can stand on its own. Even if someone isn’t a Waffle House junkie, this color scheme and design still looks good enough that people might buy a pair based on it. For those who love Waffle House and golf, now they can hit the course in style.

[Golf/Photo: @TomVH]


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